AR-15 Pistol Mods

I am still planning a few upgrades for my AR-15 Pistol. I'm not the only one!


Old NFO said...

Why??? With that much weight there is NO way that is an effective pistol! I'd bet that weighs between 8-9 lbs!!!

Weston11 said...

I think it's more of an SBR without the tax stamp. If you had a single point sling I would shoot it like one.

Bubblehead Les. said...

OldNFO, I'm not comfortable getting between 2 friends over an issue (unless we're at the Bar, hint! hint!), but I now see what the appeal is for the Miller.

Let's look at the Math first. I've always been concerned about the 5.56 Nato/.223 Remington being fired in short barrels, since it came from a Varmint Round (.222 Remington). And those work best out of Long Barrels.

But I checked a Ballistics Table or Two, and I discovered that in a 10 inch Barrel, a 55 gr Bullet has a Muzzle Velocity of about 2700 fps/916 ft.lbs. The 62 gr. runs about 2600/950 ft.lbs. Which tends to be a LOT Higher than a standard pistol round.

So for Long Distance, it's not the Best Platform. And a LOT of Pistols are MUCH Easier to use for CQB. But I think I know what it's Tactical Niche is, and why it's Valid. It's NOT a Pistol, even though it has to be Classified as such for the BATFE. It's a Modern Version of the Stage Coach Shotgun. Or a Tanker's Grease Gun.

Now, if one was FORCED to do a Bug Out, and who ever was stuck riding Shot Gun in the Passenger Seat, this would be a Comfort to have. Think about the Space Limitations, and how hard it would be to reload a Pistol. Yeah, I know, Glock has the 33 Round Mags, but then one would need a Glock. And if one would be carrying a 1911, well then.

And I'm NOT Advocating this at all, but I could see in a Total Societal Collapse, where the last thing one would worry about was the BATFE, then HYPOTHETICALLY one could put on a Stock and have a SBR.

Plus, from a Supply Stand Point, one Ammo Supply, one Magazine Supply, one Pouch/Vest, it is appealing from the K.I.S.S. viewpoint. And a lot easier to pack around.

And of course, if it is threaded for a Suppressor, well it would be a lot more Maneuverable and Quieter in CQB during a Total Collapse. And don't forget, one could always change out the Upper and add a Stock to convert it back to a Standard M4 or M16.

Now, personally, it's not my cup of Tea. But most PDW's or Sub Guns aren't either. And J.B., I'd still carry a Good Pistol with lots of Reloads. Remember, one shouldn't put ALL their Eggs in one Basket.

But I am being tempted myself to get one of those. Must be succumbing to the Dark Side of the Force, I guess. Good thing I'm too poor right now. But maybe down the road....

Old NFO said...

Les, if I was going to go down that road, I'd go with the MK-18 Mod.0 It does the same thing, but WITH a shoulder stock, and it's been proven VERY effective in certain operations. JB is doing what he likes, and that's fine by me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that forward grip turn it into a SBR? I thought you couldn't augment grip past the mag well? Otherwise, not sure it's intended purpose but it looks heavy for a "pistol". Regardless, nice looking weapon.

Anonymous said...

The specific fore-grip is one of the few that is OK. Everyone uses it for that.