Obama vs Romney Debate
As a gun owner I will be voting for Romney. I voted already actually via absentee ballot. I don't love this guy. I long for the day when I can vote for someone instead of against.

Here is why:
  • Nomination of Supreme Court Justices
  • Eric Holder
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Lack of re-election worries in a second term
I believe Romney clearly won the debate. He was on message and well prepared. I think the President has relied too much on the teleprompter for the last 4 years.

--It's going to be a long 5 weeks...


Anonymous said...

I bet Obama had a tantrum after. Blamining everyone for not better preparing him.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Following the same plan, for the same reasons. And I understand the reasoning of those who live in those VolksRepubliks where voting for Romney is about as useful as Peeing on a Forest Fire. So if the State Law allows more room on the Ballot for the Libertarian Party next election (certain percentage of Votes needed from the last election), that's cool.

But if you live in a "Battleground State" and vote for Gary, all you have done is Vote FOR Obama. It comes down to the Electoral Votes. Only Nebraska and Maine split the Votes. The rest of the United States is "Winner Take All."

That's why the whole "Hanging Chad Battle of Florida" was so important. Bush NEVER got the Popular Vote Majority. He just got the Electoral Votes he needed.

And with 47% of the Electorate Voting for Obama, even if they show Video of him eating Roast Baby Liver in the White House, every Vote DOES Count.

Old NFO said...

Bout the only thing that didn't happen was for them to blame Bush...