Pistol Build

DPMS AR-15 Pistol
The last of my pistol parts arrived today and assemble time was quick and easy. I did not even have to chase and detent springs!

Can't wait to take this baby to the range for a test run.

So while my SBR paperwork is being processed I now have two fully functional AR-15's. When the paperwork is done I will just switch the lowers.

As pictured, this rig came in at just under $800.

--The big question is: what should I name it?


Anonymous said...

Is it true that the only part they care about is the lower receiver cast part. The part you can print with a 3D printer?

Anonymous said...

Name it "Squirt".

--a different Anon

That Guy said...

What upper did you go with? I have my pistol lower built, and am trying to decide the upper and it's config right now.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Name it "My 5.56 Short Barreled Rifle"

Bubblehead Les. said...

Evil Dwarf.

Short, stout and you don't want to piss it off.

Laura said...

"my axe?"

Weston11 said...

I like the dwarf thing.

Black Dwarf?
Dwarf Thunder?
Stone Dwarf?

JB Miller said...

It's a DPMS Upper and Lower.

Geodkyt said...

Anon 6:22 --


The lower receiver is the "gun", in the eyes of the law. ATF decided that way back when, because the law states the receiver is the "serialized" part of a gun. Well, an AR15 has TWO receivers, and, 100% of the permanent (as opposed to parts that can easily be replaced, like the actual trigger guts)distinguishing factors (a hole) that differenciate a fully automatic M16 and a semiautomatic AR15 (ATF calls ALL automatic AR15's by the original US military designator of "M16", and all semiauto AR15's as "AR15") are located in the lower reciever.

If they went with the upper reciever as the core part, they would have the situation where two IDENTICAL receivers could be in very different categories -- one, a fully automatic assault rifle, and the other a semi-only sporting rifle.

BTW, the same thing happened with the M1 Carbine, in that the is NO difference between a semi-only M1 receiver and a selective fire M2 receiver -- the difference in that case is 100% which trigger guts you use. In a twist, that means that under a strict interpretation of the current NFA, the "M2 Carbine" has no legal existance -- because they are all merely "M1 Carbines" with "machinegun conversion kits", like an AR15 with a Drop-In Auto Sear, an HK with a registered sear, or a semi Kalashnikov with a Lightning Link... but the M1 & M2 were type-classified before Congress amended the NFA to say conversion parts are considered "machineguns" all by themselves -- otherwise, M2 Carbine trigger parts would have to be serialized and registered, but carbines with registered M2 groups would not have to beregistered.{chuckle})

Anonymous said...

the noisy cricket