Hurricane Sandy

We temporally interrupt our scheduled programming for a brief message:

The storm hammered my area in Virginia. Millions of homes are without power. Trees are down all over. People are just poking their heads out for a peek today.

My wife no longer thinks I'm nuts for storing emergency candles, flashlights, batteries, water, food and toilet paper!

--Be safe out there.


Old NFO said...

Power dropped a few times here, nothing major. Glad y'all came through okay.

Broken Andy said...

Now she just thinks your crazy for the other things you do. :)

Glad your safe.

Anti Money Laundering said...

Hope everyone is safe. All should always remember that there's a shinning sun after the storm.

Vinosaur said...

Glad you are safe and prepared.

Mike W. said...

Glad you guys were safe.