Licking The Third Rail

Reaching his hand toward one of the biggest political Third Rails
I swear President Obama doesn't want to get re-elected.

During the first debate he acted like his was distracted because he was missing Dancing with the Stars, like the whole being President this was just a big bother.

It's like after that he went back and talked to Michelle asking, "What issue will cost me the most votes if I mention it at the next debate?"

Not only did he show himself opposed to the 2nd Amendment, he brought up a renewal of the failed Assault Weapons Ban. and he added to the mix banning inexpensive guns to the mix.

Here is a good article by Emily Miller in the Washington Times.

There is a lot of swing voters that are gun owners. People that only voted for him last time because gun control was not on his overt agenda. Democrats, the poor, women and minorities included who may now be starting to believe Fast and Furious.

--I don't think he wants to be re-elected. I'm sure it will be NRA's fault...


Bubblehead Les. said...

Somehow, I think his strategy is that he has enough Lefties on his side that he can win IF they all come out. So he doesn't need the Center or the Right to get Re-Elected.

Stretch said...

Teh 0ne doesn't want to be re-elected because;
1) It's too much like real work for him.
2) All the inflation due to QEI through III will fall on Romney's watch which will PROVE capitalism doesn't work.
3) Which opens the way for Teh 0ne to run again in 2016.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, they were BOTH licking that third rail... sigh