Where to Get Real Fireworks

Where I live in VA the Man is not tolerant regarding illegal fireworks.

Tons of "fireworks" are sold all over from roadside stands that pop up. Those are not the kind I am talking about. Those are the sparkler kind. The six foot high fountains. The smokey little magic snakes.

All suitable for kids and drunks.

Where I am now there must be a serious supplier of hard core ordnance around here somewhere.

Whole bricks of crackers set off at once. Big bangs like M80s or cherry bombs of my youth. Even professional mortar style sky show works. It must have cost these people a mint.

I swear amid the yells of, "Here, hold my beer!" and the surrounding explosions I could have emptied many an AK into the air and no one would have noticed.

--In fact, someone may have done that and I would not have known...

1 comment:

MSgt B said...

Sounds like a celebration.

VA needs to get on board with SC in the fireworks department.