Rubber Balls

Police in the Southern California city of Anaheim arrested 24 people overnight when store windows were smashed, fires set and people injured during a protest by more than 600 people over the police shooting of an apparently unarmed man.

Watching vids on TV of this riot I realized that the police were shooting into the crowd with paintball guns loaded with hard rubber balls to disburse the mob!

Those have got to hurt!

I have been shot with paint balls many times. They hurt. Bruising me big time.

I can imagine that if they were hard rubber you could crank up the pressure and really make them hurt! If you turn up the gas too high with paint balls they fly out as vapor. Rubber balls would not have that problem!

--Squirrels beware.


Laura said...

were they paintball guns? looked like airsoft to me. :\

Anonymous said...

Yes. Paint ball guns filled with rubber "bullets".

They no longer use rubber rounds in shotguns so mistakes cannot be made.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That would knock the crap out of you. Don't get hit in the eye!

Weston11 said...

In the past I froze paint balls and shot deer to keep them off my day lilies!

So much better!

Anonymous said...

I believe these are shooting pepper balls