Getting ready for college

Last night I spent the entire evening with my daughter cleaning out her bedroom in preparation for her going to college this fall.

You would not believe how many clothes for teenage girl can actually possess.

We sorted through toys and clothes and books and a Mountain of other things to sort out what was going to go to Goodwill.

Two thirds of all the things ended up going to Goodwill or to the trash.

I was proud to see that she still had all the flashlights pocket knives and even the binoculars I had given her in the past. All of which she's planning to take to college with her.

We even talked about going to the range one more time before she headed off to school.

--I'm proud of that girl.


Ed Skinner said...

I have a grandaughter that'll be doing that in another year. We're going to the range Friday. (Good job!)

Weston11 said...

My experience is that all fathers who have raised daughters to be shooters will have great relationships with them as adults. AND make the best granddads!

MaddMedic said...

Sending her to a college with knives???
Dear lord!!
What are you thinking??
How many guns is she taking?