I saw several other bloggers celebrating their blog anniversary so I went and checked my first post date.

     June 11, 2008

So four years drifted by and I am still having fun.

I was wondering why so many bloggers started four or five years ago? Why did you?

I saw T-Bolt was having fun. That's why I started. That and I heard there would be delicious bacon.

--All turned out to be true!


Old NFO said...

Congrats (belatedly)... I started because I was bored sitting in WAY too many hotels, and was trying to stay out of the bars! :-)

Laura said...

i came over here from Livejournal because MikeW told me to. it just happened to be 4 years ago.

Laura said...

also? yay to another 4 year blogger. :)

Broken Andy said...

Happy anniversary.

ragdollpirate said...

Let's try this again. I started my blog 4 years ago because I was in a bad place and I was told it would help me. I have since drafted all of those old posts because now I am trying to use my blog for something more positive. I now use my blog to tell my story of weight loss just to try and help those who are in the same place I was in 4 years ago.

Congrats on keeping with it for 4 solid years =)