Steampunk Designs

A friend emailed me this photo. He knows I am partial to Steampunk, Pirates, Redheads, Paale Skin and Guns.

The gun she is carrying is probably a plastic prop, but props in fiction like movies and TV often have new design elements that can catch on.

This has several interesting elements, and no I am not talking about the tiny hat.

Belt fed 12 gauge: I have seen some examples out there like this one. But not commercially.

Dog leg Pistol Grip: I have actually fired this kind of grip before. The are more comfy if shooting from the hip.

Chainsaw Grip: I have yet to fire a gun with a top mount chainsaw grip, but it's on my list.

--Put all these elements together in a real weapon and it would be a Lead Storm to put the old Street Sweeper to shame!


mac said...

It's a nerf vulcan with a cool paintjob. The model has been around several years.

JB Miller said...

Toy makers, movie prop makers, comic book artists all are doing innovative design work!

Matt_Nolin said...

I like to see innovation. I am sick of 1911 fan-boys.

Gunnutmegger said...

+1 on the tiredness of 1911-worshipping.