Names Matter

The proponents of Gun Control use several techniques to try and own the dialog. One of these techniques if pejorative names. Names like "Assault Rifle" for a sport utility rifle, "Sniper Rifle" for a bolt action rifle, "Street Sweeper" for a shotgun and "Saturday Night Special" for a small, easy to conceal handgun.

Calling AR15s "Assault Rifles" is like calling Sport Utility Vehicles "Assault Vehicles".

I like comparing guns to cars.

If there was attempts at "Car Control", like gun control, they would try to ban all cars that can go over 55mph in stead of setting the speed limit at 55. They would ban SUVs or any car that weighed over 2000 pounds because you could kill A lot of people with those things.

But the police and military could have fast cars and big powerful trucks.

All of this even though they can still build cars elsewhere in the world that can go fast.

--Because no one would dream of violating that law.


Anonymous said...

the analogy was close because not every SUV looks like an assault vehicle. However, the more appropriate analogy might be "calling an AR15 an assault rifle is like calling a Hummer an assault vehicle."

Broken Andy said...

Make no mistake about it, many of these people would ban Sport Utility Vehicles as well as Sport Utility Rifles.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Remember Carter's Evil Minion Browner? She was the one who gave us 55 MPH back in the '70's and those stupid "Clean Air" parts on your auto that just reduce your Gas Milage. She's still around, and helping out the Anointed One.

Anonymous said...

An AR15 is an SUV. A Hummer is an AR10.