Book: Zombie Fallout

I read a lot of crappy Zombie novels. Stories that make me want to scream, "Get a Gun!". To much whining and crying and not enough situational awareness.

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo is not one of those books.

The protagonist of this book is a lot like me. Just a regular guy that likes guns and has a big safe full of them. He has a beer fridge in the garage and loves his family. He has kids that know how to shoot and a wife that he knows still loves him even when she is royally pissed off.

This is also the first book of a series.  Book number 6 is in the works.

It is obvious that Tufo has experience with firearms. I will have to find a bio of that guy.

Miller Rating = 7 of 10

--Good stuff. Great summer fun reading.


Stefan Persson said...

Thanks for the tip, going to take a look.

That Guy said...

Added to the list. Thanks for the tip!