Aurora Shootings Impact

I think there will be a flurry of talking heads dancing in the blood of the victims but public opinion will actually push even farther to the side of gun ownership.

Even the Washington Post, of all papers, agree.

I think it will be like the aftermath of the Gifford shooting. Lots of chest pounding followed by an increase in concealed carry permit applications and gun sales.

I don't think it will impact the election either. The topic is a hot potato that neither candidate wants to pick up. It only loses votes for people.

I wonder if Glock .40s, Remington 870 and S&W AR15s sales will skyrocket like after the Gifford shooting.

I bet there will be people that go to the Aurora 16, theater number 9 like a pilgrimage.

--The world is odd.

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Old NFO said...

Sadly I think you are right, on all counts...