WANT: Barrett M95

Barret M95 Sniper Rifle
My favorite local Gun Store has a Barrett M95 for sale. It is not cheap but it's the model I would buy, with the features I desire.

It is a .50 BMG for those who do not know the Barrett line. It is a bull pup configuration, bolt action, mag fed and has integral bi-pod.

I have to say that I really want one of these. It will be very handy during the Pending Killer Robot Uprising.

I shutter to think how much money I would end up spending on a scope for that bad boy. Where do you find bulk quantities of .50 BMG ammo so it costs a bit lower that $5 a round.

Then I would have to find the best place to fire the thing! Probably have to buy some land just for a range! 

--Can you deer hunt with a .50 BMG.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Of COURSE you can hunt Deer with the Browning .50 Cal! Just don't get caught.

Off topic, but it concerns Pittsburgh. Changed my room booking for Pittsburgh, I'll now be coming in Thursday and staying until Sunday. I'll be driving, but I have a Problem : who's going to be the Designated Driver?

Mad Saint Jack said...

I'd like to get my eyeballs on one of these:


IIRC it is a M82a2. Semi-auto, bullpup, and you hold it like an RPG!

Mad Saint Jack said...

one more time...


Old NFO said...

A good scope will run you $2-4000 to match the capability of the rifle... Personally I like the M82A1, and have put a 'few' rounds downrange with them... I'd really like a M107, but a $12k, they are just a tad pricey right now...