Ammo Storage Idea Update

5000 rounds of fun in handy bottles
A while back I had this idea to store some of my ammo in plastic bottles to keep it dry and handy and convenient to store in quantity. It also makes it VERY easy to inventory.

I started out using Diet Coke bottles. I have since moved to Diet Snapple.

Why? I'll tell you, sheesh... so impatient.

The wide mouth is the key. Snapple 20oz bottles hold 550 rounds of .22lr each. The plastic is sturdier too. I also tried them with other ammo types I buy in bulk.  Loose bullets in a box style. First I tried .223 in hopes I could create a medium capacity grab and go size. It' works pretty good with wide mouth bottles but not good at all with regular mouth bottles. They jam up to easily when being poured out. Even .22lr does it to some extent.

All hand gun calibers work well too. I buy 9mm, .40, and .45 by the ammo can size. These bottles give you a good option between a full ammo can and a single box no matter what cal you are shooting. I also have some Alice-Pack pouches that two of these bottles fit in perfectly and it will stay dry in the rain or if you take it swimming!!

--Gotta go buy more Snapple!!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Got a rattle problem? Simply jam a bunch of borepatched on top to reduce the racket. You need those patches anyway.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's like Hints from Heloise!

Anonymous said...

I used this and worked well. With .22 shells. Was going to try something like the Gatorade ro such with the wider mouths..
Handy and portable.

That Guy said...

We go through a lot of rice in my house, and I have started collecting the screwtop containers for storing reloads in. They are this style:

Works pretty darn well, and are stackable in the closet. FYI.

Anonymous said...

I use the tang/coolaid containers. Also the lid can be used as a dish to shake out rounds into when your loading the magazines. :)


Gunnutmegger said...

Folks, bear in mind that while those bottles are waterproof, they are gas-permeable to some degree.

Soda in a plastic bottle goes flat much faster than it does in can.

ashley8072 said...

WOW! This is great! I'm having the issue of stocking up on whatever 40cal ammo I can afford at the time. As sticking me to a point that the boxes aren't all the same and I got lots of dead space in the Main Box. Without dumping them out all over, I've been searching for an easier way to separate Range and Storage. I'm using peanut butter canisters though. We got lots of those. :) Unless I happen to come across a case of Gatorade for a decent price. hehe. No more dragging the ammo box to shoot target. woohoo!