Ever since I turned 50 I have been trying to get into shade. A shape other than round.

Last year, I lost 40 pounds. I want to do the same this year. To that end I have started working out at the gym and got myself a personal trainer. I have been slowly pushing myself, with her help, harder and harder slowly. Recently I inflamed an old injury.

About ten years ago I slipped on the ice, landed on my elbow and dislocated my shoulder. I tore my rotater cuff. It took over a year before it was right after that. The loss of sleep is a huge hassle too. My wife and I even switched sides on the bed so I could more easily favor my right shoulder.

As it stands right now I would not dare shoot a rifle or shotgun with heavy recoil. Even hand guns will give me a thrill I'm sure. If it was an emergency and I was gunning and running from Zombies this would be damn inconvenient.

--Time to practice left hand shooting.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hit the exercise stuff too hard too fast?

Andy said...

I hear you JB. I need to drop some pounds too. Flying a desk all day long doesn't help.

Congrats on shedding 40 pounds though. That's an achievement most people cannot attain.

Anonymous said...

Common mistake when people start working out. Trainers may want to push you faster than they should. Be patient. Don't stop.

JB Miller said...

I did well while under my trainers supervision. I Over-did at the gym on my own on a Friday and them spent a day pushing a roller while painting.

Oh the humanity!!