The Third Thousand

Say hello to my little friends
I was organizing my files and was sorting receipts that needed to be put away. As I was putting them away I started to go through my ammo receipts.

I am currently into my third batch of a thousand rounds of .45ACP.

Most of it has spewed out of my Glock 21.  It's my goto SHTF working gun. I probably only have 600 rounds through my 1911. But at least it's not jamming so much any more.

It is sick how much .223, .308, .40cal and 9mm I have blown through. It was odd that I did not have any receipts for .22LR even though I shoot more of that annually than any other ammo.

--Gotta go buy some 12 gauge.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Why is your 1911 not 100% functional?

Bubblehead Les. said...

You think you are going through ammo, I just traded 15 cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew for a hundred rounds of Federal 180 grain .40 S+W! And we both walked away Happy! Damn all this Hope and Change!

JB Miller said...


My 1911 had a long break in period. A couple trips to the gunsmith and some very high quality mags seems to have cured the stove pipes. The last 100 rounds had no jams. I will get happy when I get to a 1000 rounds with no jams.

Arthur said...

Cabelas had a pretty good deal on buckshot packed into an ammo can.

At least it's a decent deal if you live near a cabelas so you don't get raped on shipping.