Operation "Odyssey Dawn"

The US is now in a shooting war with Libya.

Hundreds of Tomahawks have been launched at command and control sites within Lybia.

Say goodbye to another Trillion dollars in Tomahawk missiles. Say hello to $5 a gallon for gas...

--Three Front War.


Anonymous said...


Bubblehead Les. said...

Three Fronts, but perhaps the same War? Or just another phase of the same conflict that's been going on since Marathon? Personally, I prefer Western Civilization over what's been coming out from the Land of the 2 Rivers for past few thousand years.

Anonymous said...

Les is right. It's one war. Islamic law against us.

fuck em. pave the region.

Arthur said...

If WWII Germany taught us anything, it's "the more fronts the better".

As messed up as the Arab League is, they seem to have the "let our enemies destroy each other" deal down to a science. Kadaffy kills Libyans, The West takes out Libyan tanks, planes and ground troops, Arab League uses Western Press to demonize "Western aggression".


If the West had any sense at all they would have insisted on major Arab/Muslim involvement in enforcing the 'No-Fly' zone. Yes, it would make herding cats look like child's play, but at least it would make it harder to call it 'The Crusades, MK X'.