Our Own Solutions

I live in Virginia.

I was chatting with a local gun store owner recently. One of the complaints we hear all the time is that guns purchased in VA are used in crime in New York City. These stories further say that just a very few gun shops are responsible for a large percentage of these sales to questionable customers.

He had a simple theory: Decent people have stopped shopping there.

An example he detailed was that gang members find an innocent woman they would pay or coerce to be the strawman. She will be sent in with a list of things to buy. She will sign all the paperwork and check the boxes where she swears that the purchase is not for someone else. A quick call in and her record comes up clean. She leaves with a trunk full of guns that are on 95 North before the day is over.

Decent people see this happen and don't like it. They have stopped shopping there.

--Soon they are on the Top Ten Shit List.


Bubblehead Les. said...

But if the shop owner knowingly participates in the Straw Buying for the sake of making money, the Owner probably doesn't give a damn if Decent People shop with him. Yet, how does one know if the Gun Store is clean? The ordinary Gunnie coming in to see what's on sale has no idea what might be happening in the Back Room. But how can this crap be stopped w/o destroying the 2A? The Anti response would be to just Ban Guns, so that doesn't work. Maybe they they should start enforcing the Federal 5 years in Jail for using a Gun law, instead of not even charging the criminal with it. That's why it was written. Maybe we should have Mandatory Prosecutions of existing laws by the various Gov'ts, instead of all the Plea Dealing. Be nice to see some D.A.'s facing Jail time if they DON'T do their jobs.

JB Miller said...

I have been to a couple of these bad gun stores. Really bad vibes there. Dirt bag dealers.

These guys are really giving gun dealers and owners bad names.