Be Prepared: Your Work Kit

I work in a cube farm, like millions of other people.

Just because I am at work does not mean I am going to rely on my office to keep me safe if the SHTF. The Killer Robot Uprising could hit any time!

I keep a "The Kit" in the back of a drawer in my file cabinet, in a canvas lunch bag. It's basically the same contents as a small Bug Out Bag (BOB):
  • Small well thought out, first aid kit.
  • A good multitool.
  • Bic Lighter(s).
  • Powerful compact LED flashlight.
  • Tiny AM/FM/Weather radio.
  • Knife, fork and spoon.
  • Power Bars.
I am surprised how often I use these items at work. All of them. I also keep three, 2Liter bottles of water at my desk, a book backpack and an extra coat. It is enough to allow me to shelter in place for three days or pack it up and walk home.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to store a firearm at work. That is the best case scenario. If you are disallowed from keeping weapons at work, keep this in mind: A knife, beside a fork and spoon is, is just a utensil. Even if it is eight inches long and razor sharp.

--Rule #2: Be Prepared

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