Hunting Story: The .44mag

Many years ago, I knew it was going to be raining that day as I got my gear together. I was planning to hunt all day, even if I got soaked.

It was warm and I decided to take my Smith & Wesson 629-2 Classic Hunter .44mag, mostly because it is stainless. I used a shoulder holster. I like how it helps to keep my pants up.

I didn't think about the .44mag hallow points that were loaded into it. Not then.

Anyway, it was a nice day, not as much rain as predicted, when this huge buck broke cover. It was about 300 yards out, but I had my Savage 110FP with a 12x scope and when I shot I saw it drop where it stood.

I walked the distance and proceeded to touch it's eye with the muzzle of my rifle, like I was taught, to ensure it was dead.

It wasn't dead.

I almost pissed myself when it jumped. I hated that it was suffering. I didn't think a point blank shot with a .308 would be safe for me. So without thinking beyond the desire for mercy, I drew my .44mag and at 3 feet from its head I ended it's suffering.

--That day I learned how powerful a .44mag with hallow points truly is.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man. That could not have been good. At three feet it's head would have still been within the muzzle flash.

Mike said...

That deer was dead before the bullet touched it. The concussion alone would kill it.

The air dam in front of that bullet would explode the skull. I shutter to think of what the aftermath was like.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... Brains.

Jay G said...

Um, I'm guessing no new rack for the mantle, eh?

JB Miller said...

Actually, I do have the antlers.

Lets just say they were easy to take home...