Gun Dreams

I was standing on a deserted city street when I became aware. It was midday. The sun was high behind haze. I checked my pockets and belt. I had my Glock 21 .45acp and one extra mag. Beside me there was a burlap bag.

The bag was full of shit.

It was deathly quiet. The wind was the only sound. Until I heard the engine.

A black stretch limo pulled up to the curb in front of me. The driver was Jane Curtain, the Jane from the early SNL days. She gets out, walks around to the passenger door saying, “Good afternoon Mr. Miller.”

She opens the door for me and waits. I pick up the bag and climb in.

Inside is T-Bolt, JayG, Breda, Mike and Newbius. They nod in greeting but don’t say a word. I had to adjust my holster so the Glock 21 does not dig into the leather. Breda looks at the bag and raises an eyebrow.

Jane drives up this steep mountain road with many switchback. Eventually we are above the tree line. At the top of this road is a flattened pad. It’s big enough for helicopters to land. Jane opens the door and I exit the limo with my bag of shit in tow. Everyone else follows as I walk to the edge of the precipice.

We stand and look down at the clouds for a while.

Eventually,  with a huge dramatic swing, I fling the bag from the cliff.

We all draw and fire. The bag shreds before it reaches the clouds…


Bubblehead Les. said...

Sounds like you have a deep, secret desire to have a Blogmeet before the Holidays. After all, why else do you want to shoot the shit? ; ) Have a Happy Turkey Day!

JB Miller said...

Les! "Shoot the Shit!" I never thought of that! Wow.


Jay G said...

Heh. You know it was a dream because I would have been bayonetting it in real life... ;)

Anonymous said...

What? No flying monkeys?