Happy New Year 2013

2013 could be an interesting year in the Gun World.

Politics:  There will be lots of dancing in the blood of children and talk of new restrictions and bans but I predict that if anything gets done it will be more political placebos that, if anything, simply makes things more expensive. I predict concealed carry, shall issue, reform will continue to sweep through the states. My greatest hope is that the Gun Free Zone placebo experiment will quietly fade. I will be writing a lot of letters this year.

Projects: In 2013 I hope to get my SBR paperwork back for my AR15. I also hope to find a great suppressor for that rig. I want to find a great semi-auto shotgun that I can use for skeet and other things. I want better holsters for more carry options. I want to rid myself of crappy scopes and get some quality on the house.

Goals: Take at least 5 more first timers to the range. Take at least one class. Go to the range more with my wife and kids. Spend more time with shooters. They are good people.

--Happy New Year my friends.


Old NFO said...

All good ones, and I hope all succeed! Happy New Year!

Business Strategy Consulting said...

Happy New Year to the people in the Gun World! May you have the best 2013 ahead of you.

MSgt B said...

Happy New Year!

I hope you're right about the gun control thing.

Nehru suit said...

Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It's the little changes that make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!