The Year in Review: 2012

2012 was a big year in my life. Not in a good way. I will be glad to see it over.

The most notable event was the death of my closest brother. He was 54. He liked to go shooting with me but he was the worse shot I ever saw.

In 2012 I did 381 posts and got about 300,000 hits. My goal was to average about a post a day and I managed a bit better than that. The blog flowed easily this year.

I added a few items to my collection. First was a JR Carbine that uses Glock .45 mags. I also had it threaded so it could share the Gemtech suppressor I bought for my Glock 21. I finally got the paperwork back on the suppressor.

The Axe
I also inherited a Remington Vantage 1200 .177 and a Henry AR-7 from my brother. 

In addition I bought another AR-15. This one has a 7 inch barrel and is currently configured as a pistol until the SBR ATF paperwork is back. I plan on getting a suppressor for it in 2013.

I got lots of accessories like a hot green LASER, Slim Grips for my 1911,  scopes, Another EOTech, Grips and stocks and slings.

I finally got the parts and repaired my TEC-22.

I got two deer this hunting season and an awesome smoker to cook them in!

I attended multiple blog shoots, drank many beers with fellow bloggers, ruined my back and fixed my teeth. 

My daughter left for college. 

The Election: I was on the losing side but still think it was the right side.


Nancy R. said...

Happy New Year. Here's hoping 2013 sucks less than 2012.

Laura said...

also, tasty, tasty bourbon. mmmmmm.

JB Miller said...