Let's start with some easy things

From Facebook
Anti-gun opportunists are running full throttle on this mass murder. We need to rally again because this administration will begin taking action on gun control while emotions are high.

Here are a few simple things that I believe would actually help prevent this kind of murder in the future:
  • We need to admit that the Gun Free Zone placebo experiment has failed. In the end it has become a crime magnet, making them far less safe . I do not support requiring teachers and administrators to have guns but don't stop them if they want.
  • Install steel fire doors for classrooms. They should also have "Lock Down" bolts on the crash bar inside. Like fire exit crash bars, a lock down alarm will sound if the bolt is thrown and authorities will be automatically summoned (like fire alarms). The bolt, bars the door from the inside, making it impossible to kick in or breach with a gun. Run "Lock Down" drills like fire drills or the old "Duck and Cover" Civil Defense drills I did as a kid.
  • Create Administrative Office air locks for ALL school visitors. At my kids schools I can just walk in. Combined this with REAL lock down procedures.
  • Hit every media outlet with heavy fines that mentions the mass killers name. Not just the first, every one. Procedes should go to the victims families. These mass killings are done so they will be famous. Fuck that. The name when referencing these assholes should simply be "The Coward".
--That was just a quick list off the top of my head. What else can you add?


Anonymous said...

The doors are a great idea. Easy to do. Many are already there and just need the bolt thing.

The media thing too.

Old NFO said...

School 'resource' officers read armed LEOs.

mac said...

Admin Office air locks would not be doable out here. The schools are just a bunch of small buildings on a campus, with a 4' chain-link fence around the property. Nearly every classroom has its own exit to the outside.

This config does make each classroom more easily securable. And oddly enough, the local elem was going through a planned lockdown drill last Friday.

I'd still like to see an active shooter drill that amounted to more than 'turtle-up.'