Three Guns

Here is the list of three guns that I believe should be in everyones safe:

Ruger 10/22:

This is just a great all around firearm. It is reliable, useful, fun to shoot, cheap to buy and cheap to shoot. You can get all sorts of accessories for them including decent capacity magazines. It is a great rifle to use for teaching people to shoot.

Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotgun:

The Mossberg pump series of shotguns come in many variants. Modest prices. Classic wood to tactical. Lots of different rounds available. Great for Skeet and Trap as well as home defense and hunting everything from squirrels to deer. Tons of after market upgrades for it as well.

Glock 9mm:

Glock makes a series of 9mm's that have many form factors. They all take the same mags including the 33 round factory mags.

These handguns are reliable, high capacity and simple to use, clean and maintain.

--If I could only have three guns it would be these three.


Erin Palette said...

I have the bottom two, but instead of a 10/22 I have a nice bolt-action tube-fed Savage. I've never been a fan of magazines for .22 rifles.

Murphy's Law said...

Excellent choices. I would, however, make it four, and add a fighting rifle, preferably in .223 or .308. But that's me.

JB Miller said...

I am with you Murphy!

4) A .308 rifle like an AR-10 or M1A. Detachable good capacity mags. Good optics. One that can be used for combat or hunting.

5) A .22LR handgun like a Ruger MarkIII.

Old NFO said...

Nice selection, I have the bottom two, and my .22 rifle is a Marlin 39A. :-)

Geodkyt said...

Murphy -- I agree, but if it is stuck on THREE, I'd probably go the same route, although I might argue for a 4" .357 revolver for purely "versaility" reasons.

But for urban/suburban self-defensive purposes, something like a Glock 19 is about the Platonic ideal of "Handgun, Defensive, 1 each". (And no, I don't drink the Glock Koolaid -- I admire and respect them as tools, but I prefer to own guns I actually like {grin} Still probably will end up with one, "just 'cause", though. They are dishwasher safe, after all.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Geodkyt about Glocks.

They are tools. I don't care if it gets scratched, I just want it to work when I pull it out of the tool box.