Getting it Wrong

This cartoon shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the Second Amendment. It is not designed to overthrow a tyrant. It is there to prevent the rise of a tyrant. It has done that very well for 236 years in a row.

Many argue that I can't do anything against the Military or the Police.


Let's say that there are 3 million Law Enforcement and Military personal. About half of them are administrative and support staff. Please note: Most have also sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution.

There are 90 million households with 300 million firearms. 30 times as many people.

Add the fact that more than half of the military and police would refuse to fire on their own people. Plus many would overtly or covertly the work against them. If they passed bans and confiscation. I expect 10% or 20% would comply, the others would not. Let's also say they began to arrest the non-compliant. Jails and police would be instantly overwhelmed. Prisons are already at capacity. Crime would skyrocket because police would not be doing their jobs.

If the shooting started it wouldn't last long because the economy would fall and the politicians are all about the money.

The Second Amendment is a RIGHT that protects us against tyranny. It has worked for 236 years so far.

--Next time someone says the military is so powerful that we have no hope of defending ourselves against them call Bullshit.


Anonymous said...

That cartoonist is soooo wrong.

Old NFO said...

I have... twice today... sigh

Anonymous said...

"Add the fact that more than half of the military and police would refuse to fire on their own people." I don't believe it to be that high, I'd say less the 10% would follow the constitution, the rest would follow orders, especially if the right spin was put on it. Just look at Katrina I love our military, X army brat & USAF wing wiper, believe a few of our police "try" to do a good job but I firmly believe they will follow orders. This example has been shown to be true back through history. And of the citizens . . . Again, just look at history, people will turn in their firearms just because they are told to do so. Since obamma has been reelected I've talked to many of my associates and the feeling is, "So register your gun(s), what's the big deal?"
The states are going to pass a law, all firearms must be registered. Next, they will pass a law saying all firearms of a certain style must be turned in, anyone caught (enemy of the United States) after 90 days with one of these firearms will forfeit all property and citizenship with a minimum of 10 years in prison. Next, they will do door to door searches using "paramilitary search & confiscate squads" of all those snitched off by neighbors and friends, (is the NRA my friend?) before confiscating all firearms. And they can and will do it soon.

Murphy's Law said...

It's Tom Toles. He's only the second-most un-patriotic cartoonist in the world because Ted Rall is still alive.

Both, of course, get paid a lot of money by the Washington Post and other fish wraps.