Flare Gun Adapters

Discussions at work wandered around to the fact that you can get adapter inserts for flare guns that allow common center fire rounds.

The problem I instantly mentioned was that a 12 or 20 gauge adapter instantly made an ATF class firearm known as an Any Other Weapon.

Not only that, I would not trust a plastic flare gun, even with an insert, to not put your eye out when the thing broke up from recoil.

I could maybe see a .22lr or maybe even a .38 adapter in a pinch.

--Just say no.


Anonymous said...

That does not look like a good idea.

Geodkyt said...

The shotgun inserts are fine, if you have a strong, steel, military grade flaregun with a sturdy lock up. So long as the barrel and overall lengths work out for shotgun requirements (18" & 26", resepctively), they're federally legal, too. The .410 inserts can be legal in "handgun" lengths, if they are rifled.

In all the ATFE warnings about these things that I have seen, warning of the legal and physical dangers of them, they are always referring to inserting them into the cheap plastic flareguns you can get in blisterpacks.

Old NFO said...

Not going to try that... Seen too many flare pistols fail...