Why the AWB was Placebo

Here is a quick example as to why the AWB was silly placebo:

All it would take to make this AR15 compliant is to replace the stock/grip configuration.

And BTW the 30 round mag doesn't even make it cross the line. It required two of the features. This is why the AWB was allowed to be passed. If it was a real ban even southern democrats would have voted against it. The mag limit 10 rounds was silly because there are already over a billion 30 round mags in circulation and available for private purchase legally. They just cost way more.

--Placebo. Doing nothing except making things expensive. Do they just hate poor people.


Broken Andy said...

The new legislation also counts thumb-hole stocks. So the CX4 will no longer be AWB safe.

DrMike said...

The "Proposed" legislation. The Clinton AWB originally had that. It could not pass until it was water down and timed to expire.

Anonymous said...

Andy, do you have any links for the new legislation? I suck at google.