Survival Firearms

This video is a list of 5 survival guns that are all under $300.

--Not a prefect list but good concepts and examples.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

I actually like those guys, and I hope to meet them someday. And if one has limited Funds, it's pretty good. But now we have to discus what is meant by "Survival." Does that mean your Firearms are to be used for 90% Hunting and 10% Self-Defense? Or does one take into account Two-Legged Critters? And in that case, does that list cover that enough? Also, does that mean you have your Guns pre-positioned, or is one going to have to carry them?

Personally, I don't have an answer. But having to carry a Rifle a Handgun and a Shotgun, plus Ammo, Cleaning Kit, etc. on my Back just doesn't seem practical. But having a Gun in the trunk when you need one doesn't seem practical, either. A lot to think about.

But I will say this. If one is going out Hunting in a SHTF Scenario, I think carrying a Good Handgun and Knife would be a smart thing, "Just in Case." YMMV, of course.