Interesting concept

--I'd buy this if the price is right.


Weston11 said...

This is a great idea. Price is the key factor. I can't seem to find it.

ZerCool said...

They kind of buried the price. Follow the link at the bottom of their page, then into "Products" ... $450 for the set, pre-order only at this time.

I think the idea has potential for the pistol caliber stuff and .22s. The .223, x39, and .308 are a waste. Blast is going to be massive, accuracy likely for crap (short bore rudimentary sight), and losing a TON of velocity.

(Take a peek at Ballistics by the Inch for .223, f'rex. Over 1000fps loss, actually close to 50%.)

Anonymous said...

I guess if it really was a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation I would be glad to be able to hunt with ANY round I salvaged or bartered.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Dave Canterbury of the "Dual Survival" TV Show is a BIG Supporter of the H+R Single Shot 12 Gauge for SHTF. He also sells adaptors for them on his site at "The Pathfinder School," but individually and a lot cheaper. He's into the "Common Man Affordability" School.

Also, he has a lot of YouTube Vids on his channel about the H+R, Blackpowder loads, Cut Shells, Adaptors, etc. Having taken his class, if you want to go to a Bare Minimum approach to Wilderness Survival, he's really good. But he's not everyones "Cup of Tea." But after spending a Weekend at his School, I personally feel much more confident if I get into the Crap out in the Woods.

Would I have a H+R as my ONLY Firearm? Probably not. But it does make sense if you get down to the "Last Gun" stage. YMMV, of course.

Geodkyt said...

If you are truly worried about a long term TEOWANKI scenario, where your community looks like Mad Max (or most of Subsaharan Africa), and you have the bucks to spare, nice idea as a last resort gun buried in your pack.

Otherwise, it's a neat toy.

Not that I have any problem with buying it as a neat toy. If it creams your Twinkie and fits your budget, "fun" beats "need".

That Guy said...

Oh, that is a WANT!

Geodkyt said...

Me, I figure I'll be dead of old age before running through all my ammo in a true TEOWANKI survival situation.

Think about HOW LONG it would take to run through a couple hundred centerfire rifle rounds and a brick of .22, if you aren't running around shooting every pine cone in sight, but are carefully taking your shots as needed.