AK-47 Pistol with CBRPS Draco Bullpup Kit
There is more and more of these Bullpup conversions out there for various firearms.

This one is an AK-47 conversion kit from CBRPS, and they have kits for all kinds of guns. I like this one and the one for the Remington 597.

It is the Sci-Fi movie looks that I like. Just drop in the rifle and you are ready to rock.  The ones of these that I have fired I have actually liked the form factor but the triggers always  suck really bad. This one at least uses the original safety and charging handle.

They started making kits like the Roni that used a handgun. These are a bit better. Using the natural trigger.

--Finally they started making Sci-Fi guns natively like the PS90, Kriss and the Cx4! Fun Stuff!

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