Holster Problem

I have carried a compact 1911 in a Crossbreed Deluxe holster for years, I love it.

When I decided I was going to carry my Px4, the Crossbreed Deluxe was a natural choice when I discovered they made one for the Px4.

I have been using it now for about a month now and unfortunately it has a problem. A bad problem.

The holster presses the mag release button all the time. I never had the mag drop out but if I had needed it that is some very bad mojo.

The photo to the right shows clearly the wear point where the mag release was getting pressure.

I plan on contacting Crossbreed to see if they can do anything. Otherwise I think I will cut a circle out at that spot.

--Let me know if you have had this kind of issue or have any ideas.


Anonymous said...

Dude. Not good. That could spell disaster. BTW, I carry a revolver.

Alan-Bradley said...

I have a Px4. It's a good tip. Let us know what happens.

Geodkyt said...

Can't load the picture, but I'm assuming you are thinking of cutting a hole on the inboard side of the holster to relieve pressure, like moleskin around a blister?

Bad itdea, IMHO. The obstruction will still be encountered on the draw, only more abruptly -- so you could find the mag button getting punchined during the draw.

If the button protrudes enough that the holster is putting pressure on it, you need a molded track of some sort, similar to sight tracks, so the button never encounters the holster at any stage of the draw/reholster movements.

Broken Andy said...

I carry my PX4 in Comp-Tac MTAC, which is very much like a Cross-Breed, and I've never had that issue.

Anonymous said...

I carry a 1911 in this same holster and had been for a few months when all of a sudden I started having this same problem. I finally relaized it only happened when wearing certain pants. The belt loops on these pants caused the holster to be set too far back towards 4 o'clock. Bringing it back to 330 aliviated the issue.

Anonymous said...

I had this problem with a block g30. I cut a small hole. No more problem

Anonymous said...

Is there an update to this story? I have a PX4 and was going to by a crossbreed.

JB Miller said...

There is an update! I will put together a post soon! Thanks for the reminder.