Prep Tip of the Week

The Prepping Book of the week is a classic from Mel Tappen: Tappen on Survival

Tappen died in 1980 but there are still a lot of good points in his book. Click the link above for a PDF of the full text.

Three Days:

Here is your first goal in preparations, three days. You can be bothered to prep for three days of trouble, right?

Keep three days worth of gear, food and water in your car, and your Bug Out Bag (BOB), and at work, and where ever you spend a lot of time.

It's easy. Use some space in the back of one desk drawer. Put a stocked book bag in your locker. Stash a milk crate of items in the trunk of your car. And/Or put together a  fully stocked backpack BOB.

Don't forget the importance of what is in your pockets ALL the time. You better have at least a multi-tool knife of some kind!

--Rule #2: Be Prepared

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Anonymous said...

That was the first book I ever saw about survival. I saw it in the library in the early 80s. I soon started buying American Survival Guide. It's why I bought my Hk91, Rem 870 and my 1911. The preps I did since served me well through 2 periods of unemployment. The disaster that is most likely even now. Nice blog man.