Side Effects

So we did not change the captain of the Titanic last night. Oh well.

The deficit and debt will grow. Faster. The economy will tank faster. More bread and circuses. Our foreign policies will invite more attacks maybe wars. Higher taxes, prices and stress. Supreme Court will be more about politics than the Constitution.

Gun control and revival of the Assault Weapons Ban will become a priority, because it's what they do instead of something. Prices on decent capacity magazines, firearms and ammo will sky rocket.

I might have to add a Prepper Tip weekly. I fear we'll need them.

--At least the Gun Bloggers might have stuff to talk about.


agirlandhergun said...

Virginians didn't vote well.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, J.B., I was talking to My Buddy the Surplus Dealer late last night, and I think the time for Prepping is almost over.

I recommend a Weekly "Notes from the Resistance" column instead.