Yesterday was my Birthday!

I did not expect any gun content to result from my Birthday this year!

My family loves me, my son knows me, knows how to make me smile.

He got me two Glock Factory Mags for the 9mm!

The best part of the gift was that he has been paying attention. We go to the range once a month or so. I have one of these 33 round mags already and really enjoy it. I don't know when I expressed the sentiment, but I remember saying out loud within earshot of my son that it would be nice to have a couple more. He is listening.

--Glock Mags, Movies and all the Rice Krispy treats I can eat! Great B'Day!


Stew said...

That's a good son.

Mad Saint Jack said...

That link says "like the factory originals."

They are not from the the Glock factory. Please let us know if they run 100%.

JB Miller said...

Good catch! I rushed a bit too much with the link!

The ones I got were Glock made.

I change the link!

Mad Saint Jack said...

That is cool. I bought a pile of 17 & 33 rd mags before the 08 election.

For the record I am not a Glock fanboy (I am a Glock Magazine fanboy).

JB Miller said...

I am not a Glock Zealot either. I have a couple Glocks. I do love the High-Cap mags.