My Wrist

I got my wife a completely awesome Christmas gift. It's huge. So huge that it required a hand truck to get it in the house. In an effort to be very sneaky I moved it into the house alone.

It was almost a disaster.

Did I mention it was huge. Not quite as big as a refrigerator, but that heavy. So huge that as I was struggling with it, I almost crashed, lost control, and the hand truck almost broke my wrist. It was a real three stooges moment. Good thing Larry and Mo were not there. THAT would have been really bad.

Anyway... The next day I went to the range.

All I took with me was my Glock 21. The wrist seemed tender before I went. I thought it was going to be fine. The first time I pulled the trigger I honestly almost dropped it, it made my eyes water, I gasped out loud. I would have dropped it if I had been shooting one handed. The bullet hit 1 inch to the right of center at 25 feet.

The other 99 rounds were all done left handed. I did good though. An 8 or 10 inch group tops.

The lesson here is, practice off hand shooting. If you get injured at the wrong moment. You may need it!

--Shhhh don't tell my wife.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You happy now? You BROKE it!

JB Miller said...

It would so suck it I really did break it. Even a week and a half later I would not want to shoot.

Holding a full coffee mug still hurts.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sounds like you did break something, actually. Rub some dirt on it and quit whining.

Stew said...

I broke a finger once and could not go shooting for like two months.