The Collection: Quiet Mark

One of my very favorite firearms in the collection is know as Quiet Mark.

This beauty is a Ruger Mark III and it has an integrated suppressor. You have to shoot it to realize how very quiet, Quiet Mark really is. The bullet hitting the target is the loudest part.

I installed a top rail on Quiet Mark as well but don't always keep the DOT scope on there. It doesn't really need it. The extra length the barrel adds makes the sights really spot on.

If there was a level 4 Zombie outbreak, Quiet Mark would be VERY useful.

If I am introducing someone to shooting for the first time, this is often the first gun I give them to shoot. There is no real recoil, no flash, no loud BANGs. I enjoy taking this and my other silenced firearms to my sisters farm for target shooting. The .22LR ammo is still very cheap and it does not scare the neighbors!

--Great gun. One of my favorites.


Windy Wilson said...

Damn California!

Anonymous said...

Those are expensive!