WANT: Rossi Circut Judge

I have always been interested in the Rossi Judge series of firearms. The versatility of the .410mag and the Colt .45 combo has been attractive to the survivalist in me. Squirrel, rabbit, small birds and  deer have to beware of this guy.

The latest member of the series is probably the most likely one to find its way into the collection. The Circuit Judge delivers amazing versatility and simplicity. It comes finished in a beautiful hardwood stock and includes the latest in modern features like a red fiber optic front sight.

I love that fact that you can also mix the ammo without changing the barrels.

--Looks like fun and can be had for about $450.


Mike said...

I hear good things about the Circut Judge. Good luck finding one. They fly off the racks.

Anonymous said...

That would be a great first gun for my son.

Andy said...

I find the Judge series strangely curious. I've thought about getting one for home defense for my wife, because the 12ga Mossberg is just too big and unweildy for someone of her size while also trying to corral two kids.

But there is on new Rossi firearm that I just want on a completely irrational basis... the Rossi Ranch Hand, the Mares Leg remake. I don't know why, but I just want one soooo bad.