Night Sights and Tac Lights

Sometimes it's dark.

In fact, the odds are, if I ever need a gun it will likely be at night. At the same time I never get to practice in the dark or other various lighting conditions. I will have to work on that. I smell a future blog post.

To mitigate the issue I have tried several methods: 
  1. Glow in the Dark Sights - Some firearms come with their sights already patterned with florescent paint. This works great for an hour or two after it is charged up. Even a good flashlight can charge the paint in just a minute or two. I guess that's OK if you have a minute or two. Easy to apply after market is also available.
  2. Tritium Night Sights - I love Tritium sights. If I can get them on a new firearm, I will. They are always on, don't need to be charged and will last for years. My Glock 21 has been going strong for 6 years.
  3. Tactical Lights - I confess I am a Tac-Light whore. I keep a light on my Glock. I have multiple Surefire tactical lights of various kinds.
  4. LASERs - In a low light situations a LASER can be an excellent addition to a firearm. Handguns, carbines, rifles and even shotguns.
 To be sure you can have Tridium sights, with a Tac light AND a LASER!

--Never be afraid of the dark again!


Kirk A said...

Just like tracers, tactical lights work both ways; if a light is required, I would operate it off my side at arm's length. I had tritium sights on my Glock 35, but if I were doing that again, I would ensure that the vials were recessed in pockets, thereby limiting the illumination's field of view to little more than the operator.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Which light do you have on your Glock? I just got a TLR-3 For my 17L.

The only laser I have is the one Jay G gave me at the blogshoot. It's on my Taurus 94.

Have you seen these lights? (I don't have any yet.)

JB Miller said...

My favorite tac lights are the one in the pic on my Glock, made by Glock:

I have a Surfire on my Mossberg and AR15:

My favorite LASER is made by LASERMAX in my Baretta 96D:

Plus a pile more lights and lasers from gun shows and the Internet.

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