Updates to a Fav

My suppressed Ruger Mark III may be my favorite fun gun.

I have recently been updating it. There is basically three notable update:

Hogue 82000 Rubber Grip-Ruger

I love the feel of this grip.

Standard Scope Base Rail Black Ruger MKIII
The Weaver base I had on there would not work with the next item.

Trijicon RMR Dual-Illuminated 12.9 MOA Green Triangle Sight

This scope is so sweet on this gun it is amazing! Perfect focus with both eyes open. Great site picture.

--Now if could find a holster...

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Stretch said...

I've a MkII with an EoTech sight.
NOT suppressed.
Agree the marriage of Ruger and EoTech is a woderful thing.
Beginners love the combination.