3 Gun System

This weekend one of my buddies from college visited. He brought his 22 year old son with him.

Of course I took them to the range. He loved it.They both did.

This kids mom is a RABID anti-gun crazy person. Insane. She thinks the best reaction to bullying is to not fight back. ever.

She is going to be pissed when she finds out her son is now planning a 3 gun system of his own. A Glock 9mm, a Rem 870 and an AR15.

--It's a good start...


Laura said...

she'll be especially pissed when she realizes her son is a legal adult in every sense of the word and can buy these firearms without asking permission.

good on ya. :)

Old NFO said...

That'll work... And if I were you, I'd not be answering the phone in the near future!!! :-)

Stretch said...

Annoying a Liberal is almost as fun as shooting.