Random Monday

I had planned to go to the range this weekend but the weather was too damn nice to be indoors so I went with my brother to work on his sailboat.

First, it is docked in stupid Maryland. I am a felon in MD if I carry my gun concealed there. Stupid state. My Brother is moving it to VA this summer.

This was the first time we were at the boat this spring. When we got there we found the bilge pump had quit and his manual backup pump was clogged somewhere. So it was bailing with a bucket. It only took about 20 minutes to completely bail it out.

We found the battery was dead and we could not start the motor. We tried to quick charge it to no avail. A new battery was installed, a new gas tank and hoses were also installed.

The motor started right up. We let it run for a couple hours. Like a top!

--We didn't take it out because he need to register it. Damn government!

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