Random Saturday

It has been a long damn week for the Miller Meister.

My Spring Allergies kicked in this week, dammit. You'd think I could have one damn week where I could drive with the windows open. Plus it's not fair to have snow on the ground AND a high pollen count.

One of my surveillance cameras is down. You don't realize how useful the things are until you don't have it.

I discovered what happens this week when you try to shoot .300 Blackout in an AR-15 piped for .223. Nothing. More later on this.

I need another Glock 17. Two is one and all that.

Hillery Clinton wasn't able to use two email accounts and she wants to be president? Does not pass the sniff test.

Weekly Comic Wednesdays are very popular around here. Maybe when I retire it will become daily.

Yes. I'd like to retire. NOW!

--Need more coffee...

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Coffee is good... Allergies not so much. Hope you get better!