The Race is Over!

Here is where I am so far. 
  1. Purchase date - 9/22/14
  2. Obtained 2 passport photos from CVS - 9/22/14
  3. ATF Form 4 completed - 9/22/14
  4. Two fingerprint cards. 9/23/14
  5. Drop off for County Sheriff signature. 9/23/14
  6. Received the signed forms back from the Sheriff. 10/4/14
  7. Mailed out all forms, fingerprint cards and check for $200. 10/6/14
  8. Wait...
  9. Paperwork Arrives! Pick up the Suppressor! - 3/23/15
The race with Murphy!

--It was almost exactly 6 months.


Murphy's Law said...

Congrats. Looking forward to the range report. And if nothing else, mine should be along any time now, I guess.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So about Two Weeks time on YOUR end to get all the Permission Slips set up for the Federales, yet it took almost FIVE Months for a Bureaucrat in an office less than 75 miles away from you to Log on to a Computer and do a Data Search, then type in a Form, hit "Print" then add a Picture, then Mail it back?

Gee, think of what the Stink would be if it took that long to get a Driver's License.