No idiots were hurt while making this video.

There is a class of guys that for some reason take dares and do dumb shit on video for you tube.

Shooting a 20mm is cool. Being irresponsible with it, not so much.

--Be sure of your target and what's behind it... for miles...


Old NFO said...

Gross stupidity!!! One wonders where that round landed???

Glenn B said...

Well, I will give them this much -the overlay list of what they supposedly did was somewhat reassuring. After all, it did say they were sure nothing was downrange for miles. That is all I give them though that they said it.

I don't know how anyone could be sure of that without aerial surveillance so am none to sure they were sure. Then again, any time anyone fires a shot, they are never sure of what is downrange, in the path of the projectile, unless it is a closed range (meaning the place at which you shoot - anyplace)in which they have shot. That incudes an outdoor range (shooting area)closed in by say a mountainside or berms so high it would be almost impossible to shoot above without trying)or maybe at sea on a clear day when you clearly can see to the horizon.

Anyway, to have shot that from the hip was foolish - it almost went over the top and heaven knows how far it might have gone then.