Winter Weather

We got about 6 or 8 inches of snow last night in Virginia.

Everything is closed.

Schools, the local and Federal governments and even lots of local businesses are all closed.

I currently have friends visiting me from Buffalo. This is a typical Tuesday for them.

What does any of this have to do with guns? The friends that are visiting have small kids. If we are stuck in the house because of snow it was doubly important to make sure that while they are chasing the cats around they will not find loose firearms.

These friends are not shooters in any way. I have offered to take them to the range but they are simply not interested. They are not anti-gun, they think it's fine for other people. It's just not for them.

--They know they will be the first to go when the Zombies come...

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abnormalist said...

Right now I would be thrilled to only see 6-8" of snow. Can we also get rid of the -(deargoditscoldout)F temps?

When it warms up 20F in the day and hits a balmy 5F, that just sucks!

Tried to go ice fishing yesterday just to have the whole freeze closed every 5 minutes, the eyelets on the pole freeze up, and the kids kick me outta the shanty!