Police Encounter

This guy was in Oceanside CA and open carrying a S&W .40 on his belt that was not even loaded. Open carry is legal there, but apparently he was making enough people nervous that multiple folks called the police to report an armed suspicious character. I can understand that.

I have a few comments:
  • This guy was lucky that he was stopped by a reasonable Officer.
  • Open carrying an unloaded firearm is not a good idea. It's a good way to get killed. It's like a Shoot Me First sign.
  • The safest place for a gun is in the holster. 
  • If you are doing this to make a point and think this kind of activism is helping, you are probably wrong. 
  • When dealing with the police, if is usually better to be the one asking the questions.
  • Answer questions politely with your own question. Presuming you are not doing anything wrong. "Good morning Officer, how are you today?" or "Have I wandered into a restricted area?" (school zone) or "I'm very safety conscious and lawful, is there something wrong?" or "I'm on a tight schedule today. If everything is cool I need to get moving." 
  • Be polite. Not belligerent. Police can detain and release you. It's easy to justify if you act poorly. 
  • I usually thank the officer as well for all they do. They have a shitty job and usually have to deal with assholes all day. Be polite. Know the law. Ask questions. Don't be an asshole.
  • Remember, Police are humans beings and can have bad days and even make mistakes. Don't put yourself intentionally in conflict with them.

--I always say this: We need more Andy Griffith and less SWAT.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

How old is that?

WAS legal. It's illegal now and because of that video.

Anonymous said...

Still legal according to my brother that lives out there. Some jurisdictions have cranked it down.

The lesson is: Carry concealed, abide the laws, comply with officers.

What has become illegal now is recording officers without consent.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

where did i see they dialed back OC with legislation...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Aha, I knew they changed it recently. 2012


Anonymous said...

True, but that law was found unconstitutional last year and stricken. It's all being appealed again.

Glad I dont live in CA.

Texas is pretty fucked up about open carry worse than CA.