Glock Tactical Light

I don't know if I have ever blogged about the Glock OEM Tac Light before I should have. I love this light.

"If you are looking for a good light for your Glock, then look no further. This light is tough, and very light. When mounted on a Glock pistol, you can barely feel a difference in weight versus not having a light. This light is produced by Glock and is constructed of the same polymer as their pistol frames."

This is designed for the Glocks. I use it on both my Glock 17 and 21 with equal utility. Now on Amazon Prime for $79.

Click the image and read the Comments! Great stuff.

There are brighter lights but I feel like this is perfect for the job!

--Works great with suppressors in the dark...


Glenn B said...

I am surprised it does not have an LED bulb but has a xenon one instead.

Old NFO said...

If I had a rail on either of mine, I'd probably get one... sigh