The Run on .223

I happened into one of my usual stops for a couple mags for my Glock and noticed that the shelves were empty of ALL the .223 ammo. Not just the M855 steel core stuff.


It isn't that I don't already have a few thousand rounds at home. I do. Sheesh. I have over a thousand rounds already in mags.

It's just that I buy 100 rounds every time I shoot 100 rounds. So, like the run on .22LR, a couple things will happen:
  • Prices for .223 will go way up, dammit.
  • Availability will be thin
  • I will shoot it far less
  • My inventory will shrink
It's a stupid rule anyway. Backdoor gun control. We can't seem to take them away so let's make them less effective. Unless you are a despot. Then it's not so stupid. Can't have your armed citizens able to penetrate your mob control armor or your hunter killer robots!Oh and it's fine for your storm troopers I see...

--Citizen owned body armor will be next.

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Anonymous said...

don't tell them what a .270 win 130gr lead free round will do to AR500 Level III plate.